As a couple Together is better, and we have many holiday ideas for you including activities for couples and offers to meet all your expectations

Coming to Arêches-Beaufort as a couple means :

  • Improving your ski technique at the ski resort and taking the time to appreciate landscapes prettier than a postcard,
  • Just the two of you during a snowshoe trek,
  • Relaxing in a jacuzzi, glass of champagne in hand,
  • Getting cosy in front of the fire in a mountain chalet,
  • Sharing a meal in one of our many restaurants.


Our services :

  • Whether you prefer traditional or gastronomic dishes, we will certainly have a restaurant to suit your taste,
  • Our mountain guides will lead you on a discovery of itineraries of undeniable charm,
  • Numerous sports, cultural, gourmet and  other activities for outdoor exercise, discovering, sampling and/or relaxing,
  • Depending on what you are looking for, Arêches-Beaufort Reservations will find your hotel, chalet or the perfect guesthouse,



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